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Tandem Writing

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Hello, welcome to tandem writing. Tandem writing is where one person starts to write and another person continues. The people involved would take turns at writing (e.g. a story). I'm doing this for fun, and I want to see if the concept could work on an LJ format.

Rules are under construction at this time. Until then...

I'm kind of thinking having headers like emails and newsgroups:

[personal] For doing introductions, etc.
[OT] Not doing any story writing
[(shorthanded name of story)] To distinguish between separate stories, if we have more than one going at the same time.
[suggestion] Any suggestions welcomed.

To keep things from blowing up we might have to institute "turns" so that not more than one person is trying to continue from the same point at the same time. Hmm...

Have fun :)

The person who started writing in this forum is nanikore. merlynspen is the co-moderator.

Update 4/2/05: Non-members can now post. The forum is smelling up and rotting so I think I'm going to try using it for other amusements